Exploring NYC's Biryani Paradise: Embark on a culinary journey as we unveil the 8 best biryanis in NYC. discover the flavors that define the city's diverse palate.

8 - Dindigul Goat Biryani at Semma: Savor the rich flavors of Dindigul goat biryani at Semma, located at 60 Greenwich Avenue. A taste that transports you straight to South India!

7 - Goat Biryani at Kotha Grill and Kabab: Indulge in the heartiness of goat biryani at Kotha Grill and Kabab, nestled at 72-27 37th Avenue. A taste of tradition in the heart of Jackson Heights.

6 - Amma’s Chicken Biryani at Baazi: Relish the homely goodness of Amma’s chicken biryani at Baazi, located at 2558 Broadway.

5 - Lamb Biryani at Fresh Curry: Indulge in the extravagance of lamb biryani at Fresh Curry, situated at 183 Church Street.

4 - Goat Dum Biryani at Hyderabad House: Experience the exquisite flavors of goat dum biryani at Hyderabad House, located at 523 Newark Avenue in Jersey City.

3 - Chicken Gongura Biryani at Hyderabadi Zaiqa: Let your taste buds dance with the gongura-infused chicken biryani at Hyderabadi Zaiqa, situated at 366 West 52nd Street.

2 - Shrimp Biryani at Bombay Chowk: Delight in the sensational shrimp biryani at Bombay Chowk, located at 1371 First Avenue.

1 - Lamb Biryani at Halal Diner: Crown your biryani journey with the majestic lamb biryani at Halal Diner, found at 84-47 Parsons Boulevard in Briarwood.