Get ready to ride the future with the 8 best electric scooters in the USA for 2024. These sleek and innovative rides are set to transform your commuting experience.

NIU Kqi3 Max:  Discover the foldable wonder, NIU Kqi3 Max, with a 900W peak motor and a 40-mile range - a true powerhouse for your electrifying journey.

2. Hiboy S2:  Experience urban exploration with Hiboy S2, featuring dual brakes and stylish lights. A 29.5-pound marvel with a 17-mile range.

3. Unagi Model One Voyager:  Redefine your scooting experience with the elegance of Unagi Model One Voyager. Dual 250-watt motors, a 20-mile range, and sleek design.

4. Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max G2:  Maximize your adventures with Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max G2. A 1,000W motor, 23 mph speed, and a whopping 43-mile range.

5. Apollo City 2023:  Conquer the city streets in style with Apollo City 2023 - fast, powerful, and stylish, reaching 32 mph with a 43-mile range.

6. Razor E100:  For the young rider, Razor E100 offers a 10 mph speed and a 10-mile range - a chain-driven marvel for everyday adventures.

7. Glion Balto:  Efficiency meets style with Glion Balto, a 38-pound gem with a 20-mile range. Cruise at 17 mph with foldable ease.

8. Razor EcoSmart Cargo:  Versatility on wheels! Razor EcoSmart Cargo features a 1000W motor and a 16.6-mile range, carrying more than just speed.

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