Brookwood's MLK Day Classic Canceled: Weather Forces Change

Weather Forces Cancellation:  Brookwood's MLK Day Classic called off due to impending severe weather, disrupting plans for 11 participating schools.

Impact on Schools:  Affected schools include Brookwood, Jackson-Olin, Holt, Pleasant Grove, Homewood, Hartselle, Minor, Northridge, Chelsea, Hale County, and Hewitt-Trussville.

Seven Games on Hold:  With seven scheduled games featuring top teams, the cancellation disappoints basketball enthusiasts and players alike.

Hale County Girls:  Ranked No. 8 in Class 4A, Hale County girls miss a chance to showcase their skills at the classic.

Chelsea Girls in Class 7A:  The cancellation affects the plans of Chelsea girls, ranked No. 8 in Class 7A, adding to the disappointment.

Northridge Boys at No. 5:  The No. 5-ranked Northridge boys won't get the opportunity to compete in this anticipated high school basketball event.

Bitter Cold and Snow Forecast:  Severe weather predictions include bitter cold, snow, and ice, posing safety concerns for players and attendees.