Extreme Cold Alert: - Subzero Wind Chills Forecasted - Region-wide School Closures Expected

Closed Schools: - Central Baptist Academy - Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy - Edgewood School District - Norwood City Schools - Mason County Schools (Non-Traditional Instruction) - Robertson County Schools (Non-Traditional Instruction) - St Francis Seraph School - Winton Woods City Schools

Delayed Schedule: - Adams County/Ohio Valley Schools: 1-hour delay - Augusta Independent Schools: 1-hour delay - Bright Local School District: 2-hour delay - Christian Academy of Madison: 2-hour delay - Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy: 2-hour delay

More Delays: - Eastern Local Brown County: 2-hour delay - Fairfield Local - Highland County: 2-hour delay (no a.m. preschool, no breakfast) - Fayetteville-Perry Local Schools: 2-hour delay - Franklin City Schools: 2-hour delay (no a.m. preschool) - Georgetown Exempted Village Schools: 2-hour delay

Continued Delays: - Hillsboro City Schools: 2-hour delay (no a.m. preschool) - Lynchburg/Clay Local School District: 2-hour delay - North College Hill City Schools: 2-hour delay - Preble Shawnee Local Schools: 2-hour delay - Ripley/Union/Lewis/Huntington: 2-hour delay

Technical Schools Delayed: - Southern Hills CTC: 2-hour delay - Springboro Community Schools: 2-hour delay - St. Ursula Academy: 2-hour delay

Stay Warm and Safe: - Dress in Layers - Limit Outdoor Exposure - Follow Local Weather Updates - Check School Websites for Latest Updates

Weather Precautions: - Emergency Kits Preparedness - Driving Safety Tips - Community Support Resources - Monitor Local News for Updates