Business as Usual:  Dunkin' Donuts to keep the coffee flowing on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, offering a regular Monday perk.

Monday Blues? Not at Dunkin:  While Mondays often bring blues, Dunkin' brings the cheer by staying open on the MLK Day holiday.

Regular Hours in Place:  Dunkin' stores maintain their regular hours on Monday, Jan. 15, providing the usual pick-me-up for customers.

Plan Your Dunkin' Run:  Customers, plan your Dunkin' run without worry – your favorite coffee spot will be ready for business as usual.

Dunkin' App Convenience:  Seamless experience awaits with the Dunkin' app – check hours, order ahead, and enjoy your MLK Day treats hassle-free.

Locator at Your Fingertips:  Use the online store locator for quick access to Dunkin' hours near you, ensuring a smooth visit on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Sip Away the Monday Blues:  Combat Monday blues with a cup of Dunkin's finest – your reliable source of caffeine and comfort.

Cheers to MLK Day with Dunkin:  Raise a cup to MLK Day 2024 at Dunkin' – where the coffee is warm, and the doors are open for your convenience.