Eagles' Playoff Journey Reset:  As the Eagles enter the playoffs, their recent struggles in the regular season serve as a reset button. Despite stumbling, the postseason offers a fresh start for a deep run.

Hurts vs. Bowles' Blitz Drama:  In a showdown of wits, Jalen Hurts faces Todd Bowles' blitz strategy. With a mixed history against Bowles, Hurts confronts this challenge with a lingering middle finger injury on his throwing hand.

Defensive Shake-up:  agles' Evolution: A mid-season shift in defensive play-calling sees Matt Patricia taking the reins. Since Week 15, the Eagles' defense has faced challenges through the air and on the ground. How will the reshuffled defense cope against the Buccaneers' offensive onslaught?

Secondary Battle: Eagles vs. Bucs WRs: The Eagles' secondary braces for a battle against Bucs' dynamic duo, Chris Godwin and Mike Evans. While past success limited their impact, changes in defensive strategy add complexity to this playoff matchup.

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Eagles' DL Quest for Redemption:  Once a powerhouse, the Eagles' defensive line faces a redemption quest. Despite a historic performance last season, they've struggled to reach the quarterback this year. Can key players revive their pass-rushing prowess and disrupt the Bucs' offensive rhythm?

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Hurts' Past vs. Present: Evolution Unveiled:  Trace Jalen Hurts' journey from his playoff debut against the Buccaneers in 2021 to the present. Evolving as a passer, Hurts faces the challenge of Bowles' blitz again. Can he showcase his growth and lead the Eagles to a playoff victory?

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Bucs' Offensive Line vs. Eagles' D-Line:  An intriguing battle unfolds in the trenches as the Eagles' defensive line takes on the Buccaneers' offensive front. With Mayfield's questionable status, can the Eagles' D-line capitalize and generate a pass rush to support the secondary?

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Injury Challenges: Eagles' Defensive Backs:  The Eagles' defensive backs face injury challenges with the return of Darius Slay but the absence of rookie Sydney Brown and the questionable status of Reed Blankenship. How will these challenges impact the Eagles' defensive strategy against the Bucs?

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