Extreme Wind Alert: Brace for Impact on Maui and Big Island Summits!

Warning Impact: - Southwest Winds Intensifying Across Summits - Tuesday and Tuesday Night Expected to Be Particularly Strong

Big Island Summits: - Anticipate 50 to 70 mph Winds, Increasing to 60 to 80 mph on Tuesday

Haleakalā, Maui: - Winds Building to 45 to 55 mph Tonight - Expected to Increase to 50 to 60 mph on Tuesday

Duration and Decline: - Strong Winds Gradually Declining on Wednesday - Possibility of Elevated Winds on Big Island Summits into Thursday

Travel Advisory: - Caution Advised for Driving and Walking - Public Urged to Postpone Travel to Summits Until Conditions Improve

Safety First: - Reminder: Winds This Strong Pose Risks - Priority is Ensuring Public Safety

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