The City of Goodrich issues a vital boil water notice affecting residents. Explore the urgent steps to ensure water safety.

Officials attribute the water loss to a main breakage caused by a boring company hitting a water line.

City officials advise residents on ensuring safe water consumption. Learn the vital steps to bring water to a rolling boil for two minutes.

Explore alternatives to boiling water, including purchasing bottled water or seeking water from a suitable source.

Understand the process of rescinding the boil water notice. Public water system officials will notify residents when it's safe to stop boiling water.

For any inquiries about the boil water notice, contact the City of Goodrich at (936) 365-2228 or reach out to Shannon Goins at (936) 433-1335. Get the answers you need.

Encourage community unity during this challenging time. Share how residents can support each other through the boil water advisory.

Wrap up with the importance of staying prepared for emergencies. Learn valuable lessons from the boil water notice for future community resilience.