Governor Abbott Addresses Fort Worth Sandman Hotel Explosion

Governor Greg Abbott Responds to Sandman Hotel Explosion in Fort Worth. Stay informed about the latest developments and emergency response efforts.

The State of Texas is in close contact with local authorities, including Mayor Parker and Sheriff Waybourn, to provide assistance and resources for the emergency response following the tragic explosion.

Governor Abbott assures continuous monitoring of the situation. The state stands ready to deploy additional personnel and resources to ensure the safety of Texans in the affected area.

Ready for swift action, Governor Abbott emphasizes the commitment to immediately deploy any necessary personnel and resources to keep the community safe and out of harm's way.

In this challenging time, Governor Abbott and Cecilia ask all Texans to unite in prayer for those injured in the explosion and express gratitude for the brave responders working tirelessly to keep others safe.

Collaboration with local partners and first responders is a top priority. Discover how the state is working hand in hand with Fort Worth authorities to manage the aftermath of the incident.

Learn about the statewide safety measures in place to address and prevent such incidents. Governor Abbott's commitment to the well-being of all Texans remains unwavering.