A motorcycle pursuit in Harris County takes a tragic turn, resulting in the death of the rider. Explore the details of the incident and its aftermath.

Precinct 3 Constables initiated a pursuit just before 2 p.m. after observing traffic violations by a Yamaha motorcycle operator. The pursuit escalated due to mismatched license plates, prompting a traffic stop attempt.

Deputies engaged in a pursuit on the Beltway as the motorcycle driver failed to stop. Due to the escalating speed, deputies decided to terminate the pursuit for safety reasons.

Authorities discover a crash at the intersection of Crosby Freeway service road and Miller Road #1. The collision involves a vehicle transporting diesel fuel and the pursued motorcycle.

Investigations reveal the motorcycle rider, a white male in his mid-30s, entered the intersection at high speed. The vehicle transporting diesel fuel turned into the intersection, resulting in a fatal collision.

Authorities identify the motorcycle rider as a known criminal in the area, linking the motorcycle's identification number to a stolen vehicle from Webster, Texas. The pursuit takes a new dimension with the revelation.

The motorcycle rider is thrown from the vehicle and fatally struck by the diesel fuel vehicle. Despite the driver stopping at the scene, the pursuit ends in tragedy.

As investigations continue, authorities delve into the circumstances leading to the pursuit, the crash, and the discovery of the stolen motorcycle.