Expected Launch Date -  March 2024: Unveiling the Honda Activa Electric's revolutionary ride in March 2024.

Anticipated Price Range -  ₹1,00,000 to ₹1,20,000: Discover affordability meets eco-conscious commuting.

Market Competition:  Activa Electric faces off against EV rivals - Ola, TVS, Ather, and Bajaj.

Styling Excellence -  LED Headlamp, Wide Apron, and Futuristic Design: Stand out with LED headlamps, a wide apron, and a design that screams future.

Innovative Features -  Digital Cluster and Touch Display: Step into the future with a digital cluster and touch display at your fingertips.

Power Dynamics -  Expected Range of 100-150km: Experience Activa Electric's power figures and an impressive range.

Rolling with Style -  12-inch Alloy Wheels: Command attention with 12-inch alloy wheels for a smooth, stylish roll.

Safety First -  Disc Brake and Advanced Braking Systems: Prioritize safety with disc brakes and advanced braking systems.

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