Houston Faces Arctic Blast: - Icy conditions prompt warnings. - TxDOT urges caution on the roads.

TxDOT Takes Precautionary Measures: - Crews monitor and pretreat major roadways. - Focus on bridges, ramps, and overpasses.

Drivers Urged to Stay Off Roads: - Official plea amid challenging conditions. - Importance of allowing room for work crews.

Winter Safety Travel Tips: - Reduce speed and increase following distance. - Plan ahead, anticipate delays, and be cautious.

Check DriveTexas.org for Updates: - TxDOT encourages drivers to stay informed. - Real-time conditions and closures on the website.

Everyone Faces Similar Conditions: - A reminder to be courteous to fellow drivers. - Collective effort for safe journeys.

Emergency Preparedness: - Carry an emergency kit in vehicles. - Food, water, blanket, and essentials.

Rapidly Changing Conditions: - Road conditions may change swiftly. - Even with precautions, ice accumulation possible.

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