Ola Electric Scooter Mega Offer: Unleash the Savings!

Ola Electric is offering a limited-time exclusive offer where you can save a whopping β‚Ή25,000 on the S1 X+ model if you make your purchase before January 31.

Discover the Ola S1 Series, equipped with a robust 3 kWh battery, allowing you to ride worry-free for up to 151 km. This electric scooter is designed for everyday use, combining convenience and sustainability.

Experience the thrill of quick acceleration with the S1 Series, going from 0 to 40 kmph in just 3.3 seconds, thanks to its powerful 6kW motor. Your rides just got more exciting!

With a top speed of 90 kmph, the Ola S1 Series isn't just about being eco-friendly; it's also designed for riders who appreciate speed and fun in their daily commute.

Join the Ola community and enjoy exclusive treats! Avail a 50% discount on extra protection for your scooter and earn up to β‚Ή2,000 for each friend you bring into the Ola family. More perks await if you choose the S1 Pro or S1 Air scooters, including a potential cashback of up to β‚Ή3,000.

Ola Electric is committed to affordability. The S1 Pro is priced at β‚Ή1.47 lakh, and the S1 is a budget-friendly β‚Ή99,999, ensuring that eco-friendly rides are accessible to everyone.

Ola Electric isn't just selling scooters; they're making a statement. Join the electric vehicle movement with Ola's affordable and eco-friendly scooters. The S1 Series is your ticket to a more fun and sustainable journey.

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