Texas Arctic Weather Alert: - City of Texas City Prepares for Frigid Temperatures - Opening Warming Center at 510 13th Avenue N.

Location of Warming Center: - 510 13th Avenue N., Texas City - Collaboration Between St. George's Episcopal Church and Come and See Friends Church

Warming Center Partnerships: - St. George's Episcopal Church - Come and See Friends Church - Providing Shelter and Support

Call for Donations: - Hygiene Items Needed - First Aid Supplies Welcomed - Clothing Donations Appreciated

Community Support in Action: - Residents Join Hands to Support Neighbors - A Collective Effort for Those Affected by Harsh Weather

Shelter and Beyond: - Warming Center Offers More Than Shelter - Fostering Community Support and Unity

How to Contribute: - Drop Off Donations at the Warming Center - Be Part of the Collective Effort to Help Others

Stay Warm, Stay Safe: - Warming Center at 510 13th Avenue N. - Community Unity in the Face of Texas Arctic Weather

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