In 2024, ATTOM's report unveils the nuances of the US housing market, spotlighting challenges and affordability trends in renting and homeownership.

Average workers grapple with housing hurdles as both renting and owning consume over one-third of their wages, as reported in ATTOM's 2024 Rental Affordability study.

ATTOM's analysis surprises – median three-bedroom rents prove more affordable than owning in nearly 90% of local markets across the US.

ATTOM's data snapshot combines 2024 rental prices, 2023 home prices, and average wage figures, offering a comprehensive view of the housing landscape.

Striking a balance: Despite challenges, median rental rates require a smaller portion of average wages compared to major homeownership expenses in most analyzed counties.

Market trends shape affordability – rising home prices, limited supply, and increasing mortgage rates impact the dynamics favoring renting in current conditions.

Two counties with populations over 1 million where buying is more affordable than renting in 2024 – Riverside County, California, and Wayne County (Detroit), Michigan.

From the most affordable counties for owning to the least affordable housing markets, explore the extremes defining the diverse and dynamic US housing landscape in 2024.